Comparing the odds gives you another interesting option - a sure bet called also an arbitrage bet. If you know exactly what this definition means and you need no additional information about sure bets you will probably would like to look at free sure bets list. And briefly: playing sure bets is probably the only way to get a real chance to win against bookmakers.

Top surebets

Here are the three best surebets based on the highest profit. The games, the type of bet and the bookmakers to bet on for the profit indicated are indicated.
The surebets are calculated with over 40 online bookmakers and are shown the best odds to take the biggest profit.

Jakub Stolfa - Vaclav Hruska Sr

Tue, 06 June. Czech Liga Pro

Brazil - Germany

Thu, 08 June. Nations League

Over/Under 1st Half (45.5)
Profit 4.15%

All surebets

Below is a list of the total list of currently active safes. The data is updated often, so the list may change based on the changes of the bookmaker on the odds.
If a quote is changed by the bookmaker, the safebets associated with that quota are also updated. In this case, the surebets is removed from the list because it will no longer present the requirements to make a profit.